To be honest, having a trip during this pandemic is really something. First, traveling by plane is somehow restricted since we never know who are the people inside the plane. I mean, you will share the same seat, in the same room during a period of time with a limited fresh air circulation. And perhaps you will share the same small lavatory room with other people you never know what and how they are doing before they get to the plane. I am being really paranoid about traveling by plane by the way.

Secondly, cleanliness of hotel room is definitely one of the most important thing lately. I am not in the time of looking for a cute and instragramable hotel because what I want right now is the most legit hotel that provide a strict health protocol during this pandemic. Disinfectant, hand sanitizer and alcohol are my best friends lately.

So, since I had a roadtrip during my previous trip to Jogja from Jakarta, I decided to choose Marriot  Hotel Yogyakarta to stay for 3 days and 2 nights. Marriot Hotel Yogyakarta is a luxury hotel which located in Jalan Ringroad Utara. It is located precisely next to Hartono Mall, one of the biggest malls in Yogyakarta.

Loving the vibe, loving the hospitality. And of course this hotel is really comply to Protocol Covid-19, because yes of course it is the most important thing during this pandemic. As I entered the hotel, there was a hotel staff who checked the guests' body temperature and made sure that we used our mask before entered the building. The reception would directly welcomed us and helped us to check in.

First impression as I got into the room, the room was really spacious! I booked twin bed room and tadaaaaa I think the beds fitted for 4 people lol. Each bed consisted of 4 pillows and it's Queen Size guys!! 160cm each I'm not mistaken. The room was also clean and neat. I really love the minimalist design of the room.

What I loved the most about this hotel is the amazing sunset! It was so beautiful!! I bet it was one of the best sunset I've experienced during my time in Jogja, after sunset at Candi Ratuboko & Abhayagiri Restaurant. The best spot to enjoy the sunset is of course from the swimming pool area at the 2nd floor.

However, there were 2 things about this hotel which were not in my favor. First, the car park was designed a bit confusing. It's probably because the shape of the building which is circular so the position of the car park is so messy. If you are driving your own car, I suggest you to just park in front of the lobby (if there's a car park left). Second, unfortunately this hotel restaurant doesn't have enough outdoor space and so the circulation is a bit packed during breakfast time. They regularly spray disinfectant through out the restaurant though, so it's still acceptable. I believe it's just because my over anxiety about the air circulation during this pandemic.

But overall, from my personal experience, I give 9 out of 10 to Marriot Hotel Yogyakarta. Not because it's a 5 Star Hotel, but I really enjoy myself during my stay in this hotel. I really recommend this hotel if you'd like to go to Jogja, especially during this pandemic.

Hope you enjoy reading this post!

Ps. Please really re-consider if you'd like to go traveling during this pandemic. If you are not in a good condition, please stay at home. If you are healthy enough to go traveling, please keep your distance away from other people and comply to Covid-19 Health Protocol.
Stay safe guys!

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