Hi everyone!

I'm Eva Silviana Tan. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1993 and moved out of town to BSD - Tangerang Selatan in 1996. I grew up there since then with a very dynamic and modern situation as BSD became one of the emerging independent city in Indonesia.

I ever created a fashion blog once back then in 2011, but it didn't last long. I couldn't manage my time between my study and blog writing. However, my fashion blog taught me a lot how to write and do a photograph. I sometimes still keep up my daily outfit "diary" through my Instagram account tho.

As I grow up, I learn a lot from my traveling journey.  I got my first job as a recruiter in one of the best financial service companies in Indonesia. It really built up my passion as a traveler. Due to the high demand of the recruitment process, I was forced to travel around Indonesia such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Manado, Makassar, Padang, Medan, Batam,  Palembang, etc. It was really tiring yet a blessing tho. How can I resist to travel around Indonesia for free?

Never once I forgot the moment when I got my very first trip with my own money. (Yes, I saved a lot of money to travel). I went to Belitung Island with my friends in 2016 that costs only around IDR 3,500,000 (Equals to around USD 250). It was such a very nice 3D2N trip. I arranged all of the flights and itinerary (of course with the help of the local tour).

It was thenceforth made me eager to save up more and more money to travel with my own saving, not only in Indonesia but also around the world. However, as I am creating this blog and writing this page, Pandemic Covid-19 has been striking so bad around the world. I even had to cancel my trip to Japan that supposed to be in April 2020.

One lazy afternoon, I opened my laptop. Seeing a lot of my previous travel photos and sighing.. "Oh no, I am really-truly-madly missing traveling.... so bad!!"

So, I decided to write again to treat my longing for traveling. I will organize and share some of experiences and thoughts about my previous journey to several places. Moreover, I definitely will share my next trip as well. I hope my writing can be a good reference for you that can help you to find the best destination to travel and recommended foods around the world.

And by the way, I always get tanned whenever and wherever I travel, whether it's Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, whether I'm going to beaches, mountains or cities. So, let's get tanned with me!