I am really excited to find myself a good place to stay whenever I travel. For some of my instagram followers might notice that go to Jogja quite often. For me personally, Jogja itself is a very memorable and lovable city. I remembered the very first time I came here to travel with my family back then when I was 8 years old. My parents booked everything we needed, including the spooky oldies hotel. Unfortunately, we didn't remember what the hotel was. I just remembered that the hotel was located near Malioboro. But I believed the hotel is no longer operating anymore now since it's been 2 decades ago. Can't imagine how the hotel looked like if it's still operating now lol.

Anyways, this time I'd like to share my experience staying over in Adhistana Hotel Jogja. It is a 3 Star Local Jogja Hotel which located a little to South of Jogja (Local people in Jogja really like to direct you with the wind direction like this, so make sure that you know that this hotel is located South of Jogja).

I came here with my girl friends back then. It was only the three of us and we just wanted to have a simple yet instagramable hotel. I surfed on Traveloka and boomed! I bumped into Adhistana Hotel. It was definitely such a lovely hotel! Loving the vibes and the simpleness of this place. The design is dominated with Chinese and European style, and of course with a Javanese style for the final touch of the look. I really feel comfortable here.
 If you ever came to Potato Beach Club in Bali, you might recognize some of the details in this hotel pretty much look alike. Yes! It's the windows which made of woods! And of course it is really instagramable.
 Got a pleasant queen bed for my own.

If you are coming here with a group of people, you don't need to worry because actually this hotel has also bunk beds room. You might share it with your friends, and even with strangers if you are a backpacker. I tell you, the price is really affordable. You might get around IDR 180,000 - 240,000 / USD 14 - 17 for the dormitory room (Bunkbeds) and around IDR 305,000 - 538,000 / USD 21 - 37 for personal room. Mine was deluxe king room. Check the price through the official website or Traveloka!
The only minus point of this hotel is the small parking lot. So if you are coming here with a car, you have to put the key on the reception if the parking lot is full. But you don't need to worry because it's still safe anyways. And I suggest you to rent a car or drive your own car because there is no public transportation around here. There are probably some, but I don't recommend you to get it if you'd like to go to some tourist destinations. Car is the best option. Unless you'd like to go around with Becak, an Indonesian-traditional transportation.
Oh by the way, did I tell you that this hotel is located in Jalan Prawirotaman 2? So if you'd like chilling around the neighborhood, you could just walk through the district. Prawirotaman itself is really famous as international tourists destination in Jogja. Western tourists often call it as "Legian" (one of the most famous street in Bali) in Jogja. They even stay over there as well since there are a lot of hotels and hostels along Jalan Prawirotaman.

Not to forget, there is a famous Gelato Cafe named Tempo Gelato in Jalan Prawirotama. Make sure you have a cup or a cone of ice cream after you get a long day adventuring in Jogja!

Adhistana Hotel
Jalan Prawirotaman 2 No. 613, Brontokusuman
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Telp. 0274-413888

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