If you are wondering what thing you can do during this Pandemic of Covid-19 besides staycation, I really suggest you to read up this post because I will share you a travel secret : Hidden Gems in Sentul, Bogor. Sentul City or Bukit Sentul is located in Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java. Sentul is well known lately as a modern housing residence which located above the hills, so you can wake up everyday with a very nice view and fresh air. IKEA Indonesia second store and the third AEON Mall Indonesia are also located in Sentul.

However, do you know that Sentul is more than a modern housing residence with a modern neighborhood? Located 50km++ away from Jakarta, Sentul serves us so many hidden gems, especially if you are looking for outdoor activities.

Basically there are 2 things that slowly emerge as 'rising stars' lately in Sentul : Cycling and Trekking. If you love cycling, KM 0 Bojong Koneng is surely one point that you have to reach. If you've been there at least once, you are a cyclist already (at least that was what my dad said to me lol). Well unfortunately, I won't talk much about cycling here though I ride a lot lately because I am writing here to share my Trekking Experience in Sentul!

After 4 months struggling with Pandemic of Covid-19, I finally found myself a peaceful place to chill and adventure. It couldn't heal my heartbreak for not going to Japan last April, but it surely became a short yet pleasant getaway for me.

I started my journey point at around 5km++ away from Sentul exit Toll, accompanied by 6 of my office mates and guided by ID Guides. If you haven't been trekking before, I suggest you to be guided by professional. Not only to reduce the probability of lost in the middle of the jungle, but also to make sure that you are on the "right hand".

As I sited from its official website, ID Guide is an Indonesia-based ecotrourism, outdoor, education and expedition consultant. It was established in 2009 and became one of the best known in Jakarta for pioneering the community-based ecotourism site in Sentul which called "Easy Escape Jakarta". Well ID Guide actually has several "menus" for us to take. You might get a Full Day Trekking package, or Half Day Trekking, or Family Walk, or Trail Run, or even Private Camp. I personally took a Half Day Trekking which costs 350,000 IDR / 24 USD. I suggest you to always measure your group's capability before you pick the package. If you go there with kids, you choose Family Walk. I costs cheaper around 225,000 IDR / 15 USD.

Half Day Trekking : Road to Curug Leuwi Asih
After I booked and finished my payment, the day has finally come! I started my journey around 6 am from South Jakarta and reached out the meeting point around 7.15 am. I suggest you to spare some time as the local route to the meeting point (especially after the Sentul exit Toll) is not that friendly. It is really narrow and a bit rocky.

Since I have booked ID Guide, they will provide us a car park. Another tips for you, if you go there in a group, I recommend you to go in 1 car together, since the car park is not that spacious. Another thing you should consider is the type of your car. Driving sedan to the meeting point is not a good idea, especially if your car bumper is really low. I suggest you to drive SUV/APV car.

As I reached the meeting point, my guides had been waiting for me. There were 2 guides dedicated for 7 of us. They were Pak Hendi & Mupid - seems like they were local people of Sentul. They gave us a short brief before started our trekking activities; what we're going to do and of course what should we do and shouldn't do during the trekking. After done with the briefing, the guides directly brought us to the track.

Around 5 minutes after started, we reached the Accacia Camp. It is a private camp which was built by ID Guides dedicated only for their customers. It can be used as a camp site as well if you choose Private Camp Package. In here, you might enjoy the tea break and go to the toilet. The toilet was so clean. Or even you can also take some pictures here because the view is naturally amazing. Blue sky and greenery were all my eyes saw.

After around 10 minutes preparation at the Accacia Camp, I started again my journey. Walking through the valley, up to the hill, pad fields, small river and local village residence. It was around 07.30 am and the temperature was so damn good. The sun shone brightly but you might feel the fresh air around. Of course you might take some pictures along the route.

After around 1,5 hours walking, we finally reached to Curug Leuwi Asih!! Yeay finally, it's our swimming time! Curug Leuwi Asih is actually only a small waterfall. I didn't take much pictures here because of course I wanted to enjoy myself dipping into the water. Here are some documentations that the guide took for us. Thanks Pak Hendi & Mupid for taking care of us. LOL. You don't to worry about your bringing by the way, because the guide will split into 2 teams. One guide will follow us getting through the water, and the other one will wait for you on the gazebo and keep his eyes on your bags.
After around 45 minutes dipping into the water, we clean up on the toilet nearby and come back again to the track. We walked around 30 minute to get back to Accacia camp. You can take a shower and change your clothes here. Don't worry, the toilet and water is clean. So you can take a shower well here. Around 11.30 my journey ended. We got back to the car and finally got back to the city.
I can say that I really enjoyed most of the trekking time. It has been years since the last time I hiked to the mountain. And it's been months that I didn't go traveling domestic / abroad. At least I can heal my longing to travel with this kind of activities through this Pandemic of Covid-19.

And yes, the pandemic is really going crazy this days. I still don't recommend you to go trekking if you are not feeling well. But, if you are in a good condition and seeking for some fun, it might be one of the great options that you have, instead of going to the malls. Of course you have to be aware with the Covid-19 protocols such as wearing masks and bring your hand sanitizer, tissue and wet tissues. I personally din't use my mask during my walk, as long as I could have distance with others.

Another tips for you, make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and outfits. Bring water and some snacks sufficiently. I only brought 1 small backpack and have 1 package of spare outfits, small towel, 2 bottles of 600ml mineral water, 2 snack bars, tissues, wet tissues, hand sanitizer, and sandals. I suggest you not to bring a big backpack, because it will make your steps heavier if you carry to many things on your backpack. I also bring a small sport waits bag to put my mobile phone. So I can easily put in and out.
Anyways, for further info about ID Guides, you can follow their Instagram account @idGuides or simply get the info from its official website here : idguides.net. I firstly booked the package on website and followed up manually through Whatsapp. And for additional info, even Luna Maya, Dian Sastro, Marianne Rumantir, Sigi Wimala, Ananda Mikola and other famous Indonesian celebrities had used its service. I believe they will really serve you well, as well as they serve my friends and I. And please, note to yourself to not litter on the track & waterfall!!!!! Let's save our lovely earth! :)

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