I started my journey on Day 2 with a very big smile and excitement on my face, because I knew that I would get some fresh air and green scenery along the way to my destinations. Can you guess what it is?

Yup. It's Kulon Progo. Have you ever heard about Kulon Progo before? Some of you might ever hear once, especially since the new International Airport of Yogyakarta was built there. Located around 30 km away from the heart of Jogja city, Kulon Progo is like a treasure found for me since it has a lot of hidden gems that even the locals haven't known so many good places around here. So, here are some places that I visited during my times in Kulon Progo.

1.  Taman Sungai Mudal

I have planned to go to Kulon Progo for quite long time, especially after I discovered this place, Taman Sungai Mudal. It is located in Dusun Banyunganti, Desa Jatimulyo, Kulon Progo. I drove around 50 minutes from Marriot Yogyakarta Hotel.

Taman Sungai Mudal is an Echo-tourism place in Kulon Progo, so actually it is really a tourist friendly. Mudal itself named because it used to be a natural irrigation spring for the local people. So you might see that everything on this place are natural. There are a scenic waterfalls and natural pools there and the water flow is so clear. Too bad I didn't swim there due to the pandemic situation.

2. Gua Maria Lawangsih

I actually didn't plan to go here. As I finished visiting Sungai Mudal and trying to find the way out for lunch, I accidentally saw there was a "Gua Maria", Saint Mary's Shrine - a place of prayer, around Sungai Mudal. It is called Gua Maria Lawangsih, located 7km away from Sungai Mudal. I took only around 17 minutes to reach this place because the road is a bit slippery and winding. And as before I reach the shrine, the road only fits for 1 car, so you really have to be careful.

As I arrived, Gua Maria Lawangsih seemed so peaceful and quiet. There were no other cars and no other people besides me and my family. We don't need to pray if we want to enter this place. You just need to sign a guest book in from of the shrine.

The unique thing about this place is, there is a cave (literally) next to the Saint Mary statue. As I entered the cave, feels like a bit humid, soggy and dark. But after a few steps in, I was really amazed. It turned out to be one of my favorite place in Kulon Progo. I can't thank God enough to bring me there. I know God reminded me to always surrender and be thankful to Him in every steps I take. I totally recommend you to come here if you really want to solemnly pray and do spiritual meditation.

3. Kopi Ampirono

Kopi Ampirono is one of the trendiest places here in Kulon Progo. It is a coffee place yet it also serves so many variations of local foods. The place is also amazing because it is located at the top of terracing. So the view is so amazing.

I went there for lunch around 12.30 pm. And I got a plate of Rice, Tempe Kecap, Tahu Bacem, Ikan Teri Balado, Ikan Pakang Kering, and last but not least of course Kerupuk! Perfect! It only costed around IDR 10,000-15,000 / USD 1 if I'm not mistaken. So yes, it's pretty cheap. It tasted not so bad as well, it really tastes of locals.

4. Geblek Pari Nanggulan Kulon Progo

Geblek Pari Nanggulan is a restaurant, located not to far from the main street to go back to the city from Kulon Progo area. It is around 20 km away from the city. I tell you, this is one of my favorite place from this whole trip. I really love the ambience. Open space, open air, all greens as my eyes can see.

I arrived at around 3pm here. I got my lunch already in Kopi Ampirono, so what I did there was just.. chillax. Chill and relax. Doing nothing, just leisured down on my seat while enjoying the view with a glass of Es Jeruk (orange juice). It was the best moment of my trip.

You can also rent a bike here. Not a road bike nor mountain bike nor folding bike, there are some old bicycles that cost only IDR 10,000 / less than USD 1. You can ride around the fields, because believe me it's so beautiful. There are paddy fields, melon fields, and other vegetables and fruits fields. You might also buy some of the fresh fruits if your are lucky. I bought some melon there. I paid IDR 200,000 / USD 14 and got around 15 melons.

I also heard that so many local cyclists are riding to Geblek Pari Nanggulan Kulon Progo. And I'm pretty sure that it is possible because the road is really friend for cyclists though it's a bit windy and slippery. But yes, I really recommend for cyclists to ride to Geblek Pari.

Tips for you!

Tips #1 : If you are about to go there before 9 am, I suggest you to fully geared yourself with foods/drinks and gasoline, because believe me that there are no mini markets open in the morning along the way to Kulon Progo. And gas stations seem to be not so many as well. So it's better you prepare everything before something bad to you, right?

Tips #2 : I know that you are hoping for the windy and fresh air of this place. However, as the fresh air comes out, the sun also shines so bright here. You better bring your sunglasses and wear your hat if you can't stand the sun.

Tips #3 : And of course bring your own hand sanitizer and wet tissues as many as you can. Not just because we are in the pandemic situation. But you never know what you touch in the nature, right? I personally always bring these three things every time I go for traveling. It's better tostay sanitized and safe.

I hope you find this article helpful for you to travel in Kulon Progo. Stay tune on my next articles :)

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