You know you're in Bali when you find good foods. It's no secret that Bali shares a lot of good foodies around the area, including steak. With its amazing dry-aged steak menu for lunch and dinner, meet me here at the first Meat Boutique in town, which easily become one of my favorite steakhouse in town, BoyNCow Steak House, Cocktail Lounge & Meat Boutique.

Located in Seminyak area, I still remember how intimate the place was as I entered the restaurant. I went there for lunch, because why not? The dim light still filled the corner of the place although the sunlight from outside was going though the window. The open kitchen area which was really appetizing the mood. The waiter came to me and explained everything about the menu clearly and wisely. Why wisely? Because everything he explained were on point. He didn't encourage us to order too much like what other waiters like to do. He just directed us to the best menu that I have to try because it was my first time visiting the restaurant.

And of course Dry-aged meat was my choice because it's been its specialty since 4 years ago. I ordered the holy 30 days Dry-aged USDA 900g Porterhouse (Costs for 1,100K IDR / 76 USD) with Medium Rare degree of doneness. If you don't know, Porterhouse, or also known as T-bone Steak are steaks of beef cut from the short loin. I tell you, the taste is so amazing! I still can feel on my mouth 💓 It also came along with 2 sauces, mushroom and black pepper sauce. However, I prefer to eat it without the sauce by the way, because the taste of the meat is so tender and juicy already. You might also add a pinch of salt to make the taste even better.

Second menu that I ordered was 60 days Dry-aged USDA Prime Ribeye with medium well degree of doneness. I usually don't like this degree of doneness because some of them coming with a very tough texture. I prefer to have a medium or medium rare degree of doneness. But this one is different. Whether the cooking method or the meat quality, I can guarantee that the taste is still amazing. A bit more of the fats, but the taste still tasty and mouth-watering tho.

Besides those two main courses, I also ordered 1 appetizer and 4 side dishes to share with the others (just like the waiter recommended to me). The appetizer that I order was Tuna Tostada (Costs for 120,000 IDR / 8 USD). I didn't have any idea about this food before. I definitely didn't expect how the tuna would be served, because the menu list didn't describe much about how it cooked. It was only described as chili aioli, avocado, cucumber, sesame seed and salmon roe. And when it's coming, voila! One of the best appetizer I had, ever. The raw tuna was so fresh especially with the lime drops.

The other 4 side-dishes that I ordered was : Roast Garlic Mashed Potato, Sautee Mushrooms, Smoked Beef Bacon Macaroni Cheese with 63°C egg, and Garden Salad with oil & vinegar. Overall I liked all of those side dishes, they were really flavorful. But what I loved the most was the Roast Garlic Mashed Potato. You have to try it when you visit this restaurant. And anyway, if you ordered 4 side dishes together, it will only cost 200,000 IDR or 14 USD. So it will be cheaper rather than you just one by one.

Last but not least, the drink. It has a lot of wine list of the menu, but I prefer to have something fresh. I honestly forgot the name of the drink, but it tastes a mixture of black currant and other berries/teas. The taste is a bit cute, fresh and sweet. It's perfect for my steak lunch during the hot weather in Bali.

Overall, I really had an amazing lunch back then in Boy'N'Cow. I love the foods, the drinks, the vibes, the super friendly waiters. Everything are so perfect, especially if you share it with the lovely ones. You can also check all of the menu and price here. And I strongly recommend you to always check on its website/instragram so you won't miss the special deal. I spent around IDR 2.300K / USD 159 for all of the menus above and 4 drinks. Not cheap at all, I know. But believe me, it's worth to try, especially for a special occasion such as birthday or anniversary lunch/dinner. 

Adress : Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 138, Seminyak, Bali, 80361
Telp. +62 361 934 84 68  
WA +62 812 37941047
Opening Hours : Monday-Sunday during lunch time and dinner time
Price Range : IDR 500K - 1000K per person

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