I was so ready to continue my journey after 15 hours from Jakarta to Banyuwangi, stopping by Taman Nasional Baluran (Baluran National Park) for a while and staying over night in Banyuwangi at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi. It was my first time experiencing a very long trip, crossing thousand kilometers away from my hometown, not only via land route, but also sea! Yup, I went across Bali border via Kapal Feri (Feri Ship) from Pelabuhan Ketapang (Ketapang Port) to Pelabuhan Gilimanuk (Gilimanuk Port)! So exciting!!

Pelabuhan Ketapang which is located 10-15 minutes away from the city of Banyuwangi, is connecting Java Island and Bali Island. The ship is practically crossing Selat Bali and taking only around 45 minutes from Ketapang to Gilimanuk. You may choose whenever the schedule you want because the ship is crossing the sea in every hour. I highly recommend you to book your ticket via online here https://www.indonesiaferry.co.id/ or going through its mobile apps, so you don't need to get out from your car and queue on the line.

If you are crossing Bali via Ketapang by car (Passenger cars such as Jeep, SUV, Minibus, City car), it only costs 182,500 IDR / 13 USD per car (Golongan IVA) and doesn't count headcount anymore. I was going there with 4 people inside the car, and I just paid 182,500 IDR / 13 USD. That's it. So 4 people inside the car are free (it's included already on the car price). If you are going with minimum 4-5 people in a group, I think it's pretty more affordable than taking those people by plane.

I left Aston Banyuwangi Hotel at 8.20 am and reached the port at around 8.40 am. Got into the gate locket and showed them my boarding pass, not long after she checked the boarding pass, I was asked to enter the port area and followed the staffs sign (they will instructed whether we have to go to the left or right sight because there are several terminals inside the port). My ship was leaving the port at 8 am.

For some consideration, I preferred to leave Banyuwangi as early as possible because Bali is one hour faster than in Banyuwangi. I'd rather spend my day in Bali, so I don't wanna lose my time by waking up so late in Banyuwangi.

The trip was just around 45 minutes. I didn't go up to the deck due to the safety reason. I just took some pictures around my car. 45 minutes is not that long anyway, just download some movies on Netflix and watch it inside your car.

As 45 minutes passed, I finally arrived at Pelabuhan Gilimanuk. Due to safety reason (since I went there during the pandemic), it was necessary for us to bring our Rapid Antigent/PCR test result and showed them to the port staffs. So I suggest you to take an Antigen/PCR test a day before you went to Gilimanuk, especially when you are taking the ship early in the morning. I suggest you not to do the test as you get to Gilimanuk because it will cause a long queue.

Gilimanuk is small area in Jembrana District. This area is well-known with Ayam Betutu, one of the Balinese traditional food. Most of the population in this area are Moslem, so most of the foods and restaurants in this area area halal. According to the history, many of Java people back then crossing through the sea to reach this island. That's why a lot Moslems and Java ethnic are living around this area.

Since I reached Gilimanuk at 11 am, so it's the time for early lunch!

First meal in Bali was Ayam Betutu Bu Lina. It is located not too far from Pelabuhan Gilimanuk, probably just 2 km away. It was my first time eating Ayam Betutu with damp texture. It was served with boiled vegetables, peanuts, and of course the almight sambal.  It was spicy and tasty at the same time. You may read a more complete review of Ayam Betutu Bu Lina on my previous post here : 3 LOCAL RESTAURANTS IN BALI YOU SHOULD TRY!

Ayam Betutu Bu Lina
Kabupaten Jembrana, Gilimanuk
Telp. 0813-3822-6621
Opening Hours : Everyday 7 am - 7 pm

After I finished my early lunch, I directly cotinued my journey to the east, to the heart of Denpasar. It took around 3,5 hours from Gilimanuk to Denpasar, probably crossing around 130 km away. The road is windy, but you don't need to worry because you will see a lot of beautiful sites along the way. Forests, monkeys, beach, terasering, Balinese temples.. everything mixed up along one beautiful road.

I reached Denpasar at around 3.30 pm and directly went to Petitenget area to try one of the most famous croissant in the city, Monsieur Spoon! It's coffee time (for me snack time) so croissant is probably the best solution for me and family to spend some hours, straightening our legs a long journey from Gilimanuk.

A lot of people argued about which one is the better between Monsieur Spoon and Baked. I am #teamMonsieurSpoon. I don't know why but the last time I went to Baked, the croissant was like really disappointing. It didn't smell buttery and the texture of the croissant was not as good as what I ate in Monsieur Spoon. But again, it's all about taste. I bet you have different argument? Or perhaps you guys have another croissant choice in Bali? Please share your thoughts on comments below!

Petitenget St No.112-A, Kerobokan, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Telp. 0878-6280-8859
Opening Hours : Everyday 7 am - 8 pm
Price Range : 18K - 195K IDR / 2-15 USD

Spending around 1,5 hour in Monsieur Spoon, I went to Canggu Beach for a while to watch the sunset. Oh I miss sunset in Bali! Canggu Beach is actually a black-sand public beach for sunbathing and surfing. It is also known for Sunset beach. There are a lot of Beach Club along the Canggu Beach, but since I just wanna see sunset for some time, I prefer just went to Berawa Beach. It's free, only pay for the car/motorcycle park.

As I entered the gate of the beach, I directly served with this beautiful scene.. a family who were praying solemnly in the middle of the crowd. It felt so good to reconnect myself with this situation.. the smell of incense and flowers of the Balinese prayer table.. the sound of the wave.. the warm sand on my feet.. everything was just perfect. It requires me to relax my body, mind and soul.. Never felt that good since the pandemic started. Unfortunately, because it became more crowded as the sun went down, my family and I decided to just leave the beach and went to our hotel, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

I tell you, this hotel is huge. I love it. What I love the most about this hotel is, I got a very best deal from ww.tiket.com. It costed me only around 900,000 IDR / 62 USD per room per night for the Standard room. And fortunately, I got upgraded to the Plunge Pool Room. Isn't it amazing to get leisure on a 5 stars resort which costs under 100 USD? 

This hotel is located in Nusa Dua Bali area. As I entered the main lobby, I mesmerized with the beauty of this circle. It's called Circle of Life. A friend of mine who is coincidentally one of the staff there told me that this circle reflects how life is gonna be. It's going around, never ends. It has to be as tough as this pillar. That's why we have to live to the fullest. What a very valuable meaning!

I really appreciate every detail of the hotel. The spacious room and bed, the amenities, the balcony which direct me to the plunge pool and mini gazebo.. I even had the small path behind my room that brought me to the car park. It's like a secret mini walk. And of course, enjoying bubble bath with a bottle of wine is never wrong when you are in Bali!

And what I love the most about this hotel is obviously the beach! Yup, this hotel connects to a private beach right behind the hotel. All I needed was just walking through the footpath which led me to the garden and voila! Since this hotel is located in Nusa Dua, it will serve you the best sunrise in town. You probably will get no sunset here.. but you are still able to enjoy this breathtaking view. Pardon my uneven tan line by the way. I got this because I do riding my bike a lot lately. The sun in Bali is not as bad as you think lol.

Lot N5 Itdc Tourism Complex, Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80363
Telp. (0361) 8492888

What a beautiful journey from Java Island to Bali Island! I still couldn't imagine that I could drive along so far with my own car. Really can't wait to share with you guys about the other "shipping experience"! Right after this post, I'm gonna share my beautiful One Day Trip to Nusa Penida. Stay tune on my blog to read all of my Road Trip Series #2!

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