Back again to my Roadtrip series, this time I tried to explore another side of Central Java, it's Dieng. Dieng is a village in Wonosobo  - Central Java. It is around 7 hours away from Jakarta, 3 hours away from Semarang and 4 hours away from Jogja. It is located in plateau, so it is also commonly known as Dieng Plateau.

I've already visited Dieng around 7 years ago. Honestly it was one of the most memorable moment that I've ever had, because I also did a roadtrip, but at that time I did it from Semarang to Dieng with my working colleagues. Too bad at that time the weather was not really nice, it was cloudy until around 5.45 so I couldn't catch full sunrise. It was still beautiful though, feeling like I was up on the cloud with orangle sprinkle around.

And since I didn't get a proper sunrise, I'd like to re-visit Dieng again with my family, roadtrip from Jakarta. I started my journey at 5am during fasting season in April. It only took around 7 hours from Jakarta to get there via Cipali Highway. After took exit from the highway, that's when the journey began. The road was steep, winding, rocky, and narrow. Some part of the village could only be passed by 1 car. So you can imagine, how was my driving position along the way to Dieng Plateau lol (yes I was the one who drove!). Thankfully the view was amazing and I reached our homestay safely.

Here below some of the things that you can explore based on my traveling experience in Dieng.

| Where to Stay |

I stayed in Aman Griyo Farmhouse, one of the cutest farmhouse in town. Trust me, it is super instagram-able. It is basically located right behind the owner's house, so this building is fully yours when you book. The hosts are really friendly, they are brothers. They will provide you everything you need. I asked extra blanket and heater as I knew it would be really cold at night.

Another good side of this homestay, it is near to tourism destinations such as Telaga Warna, Sikidang Crater and Candi Arjuna. Even it's just less than 30 minutes away to Bukit Sikunir to watch sunrise. But the downside, sometimes you will smell something bad from the goat pen because it is located exactly next to the house. But no worries, you can just close the door and yet you can still enjoy the view around through the big window at the second floor.

So this tiny building consisted of 2 floors. First floor was the kitchen and bathroom. There was also a tiny terrace, completed with a set of coffee chairs so you can enjoy the beautiful view right in front of your door. And the second floor was the bedroom with a super huge window.

It costed IDR 945,000 / 63 USD per night for 2 guests. It could accommodate up to 5 guests by requesting extra bed to the owner. It costed IDR 245,000 / 16 USD for the extra bed, included breakfast already. You can book this tiny cutie farmhouse only from its Airbnb. You can click HERE to check it out.

| Weather |

To compare with other Java island, I can say that the weather in Dieng is cold. Unlike the other tropical area in Indonesia, Dieng area is really windy and humid. I captured the temperature in my homestay during twilight, it was under 20 degree Celsius. It was getting chiller at night, the lowest temperature until below 10 degree Celsius.

| Transportation |

I personally experienced exploring Dieng by my own car since I did a roadtrip from my hometown. There are public transportation such as mini bus around the area, but I don't think it is recommended for tourists. I recommend you to rent a car before visiting this area. If you'd like to explore the other side of Dieng which will be harder to drive, you can rent a jeep around. You might ask your homestay owner to get one, I believe the homestay owner have a connection to rent a jeep + driver.

| What to Do in Dieng |

1. Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Dieng Plateau which located 2,000 meters above sea level. There was a famous myth that this lake will be seen in different colors because there once a nobleman who dropped his ring into this lake. Well, I don't really believe on that kind of myth. What I believe is just this place is really wonderful. Loving the fresh air, the green scenery, the lake, the flowers, the mountains. Everything was just so peaceful, that you can enjoy everything around.

Ticket price was IDR 10,000 / less than 1 USD. Pretty cheap to explore this super huge place. I recommend to visit this place in the morning or in the evening around 4pm. The gate will be closed at 5pm.

2. Watching Sunrise at Bukit Sikunir

Some said Bukit / Hill, some said Gunung / Mountain. I personally assume it's a hill because it's not that hight. But anyway, whatever it is.. Bukit Sikunir is a shady hill surrounded by volcanic craters and terrace hills. If you'd like to camp for sunrise and stay overnight, I would recommend you to hike Prau Mountain. But, if you just like to hike for sunrise, Bukit Sikunir is the answer. You only need to hike around 15-20 minutes, depends on your strength. The road is steep but is is cemented already, so it's totally safe for you to hike without any tour guide. But still, you need to watch out to every step you have because you will hike on darkness.

I started hiking around 4.50 am and reach the summit after 20 minutes hike which was around 5.10 am. The sunrise was at 5.40 am at that time. So please make sure that you check on google about the sunrise time, because each day might be different, also depends on the season.

After you wake up early in the morning and hike the hill, I bet you must be really hungry as you go down. I recommend you to buy potato snacks on the stalls along the way to the car park. It was baby potato which cooked with gula Jawa. Taste sweet yet savory at the same time. It was only IDR 10,000 / less than 1 USD per portion. Worth to try.

3. Kawah Sikidang (Sikidang Crater)

Kawah Sikidang is a volcanic crater located 20 minutes away from Bukit Sikunir. So after I watched sunrise, I directly went down to Kawah Sikidang. This site emitted sulfuric gas, so make sure you are aware if you have asthma or any breathing/lungs issue. Somehow the sulfuric gas smelled so bad when I visited this crater. But overall I really enjoyed all the scenery here. It was really breathtaking, combination between the volcanic hill and the green plants around. The smokey effect of the gas might be great as well to be your photo background, making your photo even more cinematic.

When you're visiting this site, please make sure that you collect the ticket. Because it also sells pass ticket to visit Kawah Sikidang and Candi Arjuna as well. It costed IDR 20,000 / 1,5 USD when I visited this place.

4. Candi Arjuna

As the spread of Hinduism was really strong around Central Java, Candi Arjuna is one of the oldest Hindu temples in the area. It was built in 8th century era. Too bad when I visited this site, it was being renovated. But apparently it did not lessen the beauty of this temple.

5. Walking around the potato field

Dieng Plateau is famous as one of the best potato producer in Indonesia. I think half of the fields are filled with potato. And yes, the potato is soooo fresh and big! You can walk around the potato field and harvest them (please ask the farmers or your homestay hosts to guide you). You can also buy potatoes as small gifts from Dieng. I bought like around 5kg of potatoes and 1kg of baby potatoes. Tastes so good.


If you might see the pictures above, yes Dieng Plateau's sky is really cloudy yet clear blue at the same time. It is changing from minute to minute, especially in the morning. So make sure that you have to be fast in taking pictures, unless you will miss the moment.

Overall, I must say there are nothing so much you can do in Dieng Plateau. Because when you go this area, all you have to set is a peaceful mode of life. Throw away all the burden and hecticness of work. All the scenery here will set you free. A must-destination so far in Java, Dieng Plateau - "Negeri di Atas Awan".



Day 1

05.00 - 11.00 Roadtrip : Jakarta - Pekalongan (Exit highway to Pekalongan to grab some lunch)

11.00 - 12.30 Lunch + City tour at Pekalongan

12.30 - 2.30 Roadtrip : Pekalongan - Dieng

2.30 - 3.00 Take some rest and get ready to explore Telaga Warna

3.00 - 4.00 Explore Telaga Warna

4.00 - 4.30 Check In to Aman Griyo Homestay

4.30 - night Dinner + Rest

Day 2

03.45 - 04.15 Wake up + Get ready to Bukit Sikunir

04.15 - 04.45 Otw to Bukit Sikunir

04.45 - 04.50 Hiking preparation

04.50 - 05.10 Hike to Bukit Sikunir

05.10 - 06.15 Sunrise at Bukit Sikunir

06.15 - 06.30 Get back to car park

06.30 - 07.00 Otw to Kawah Sikidang

07.00 - 07.45 Explore Kawah Sikidang

07.45 - 08.30 Explore Candi Arjuna

08.30 - 11.00 Breakfast + Leisure time at Aman Griyo Farmhouse

11.00 Check out

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