I've been waiting for to launch this post after few weeks of hiatus in blogging world. Been drowning lately with some works and now I'm ready to share my experience from my last Roadtrip from Jakarta to Jogja! Yup, you read it correctly. I went to Jogja from Jakarta by car, not by plane due to the Pandemic of Covid-19. It's been more than half year doing the same routine for every weekend (read : doing nothing at home because the Stay at Home notice is still on going in my country); doing "Work from Home" session every two weeks; and other boring things. Been passing through 2 birthdays of my family members just at home since the beginning of the pandemic, and I felt really bad about it. So, to celebrate my mom's birthday on the last August, my family and I decided to have a Roadtrip to Jogja.

I started my journey on Friday at 5 am from my house via Cipali Highway and took a rest 2x at Rest Area KM 52 and Rest Area KM 325. I can say that I am really really proud of Pak Jokowi Presidency Era after passing through Cipali Highway, because this highway shorten roadtrip travel time from 12 hours to 7 hours!! Definitely a shortcut!

I arrived at Jogja at arround 12 pm, the best time to grab some lunch before checked in to hotel. My first meal is of course one of the best Gudeg in Jogja, Gudeg Bu Hj. Ahmad (Mbarek). The sweetness and spiciness of the seasoning are just perfect. Not too sweet yet not too spicy. I personally don't like savory foods that too sweet. So I basically don't really like gudeg as it's known as a very sweet "savory food". But this is legend guys!

Nasi Gudeg Krecek Paha - 26,000 IDR / 2 USD

After finished my lunch, I directly checked into my hotels, Marriott Yogyakarta. Gave a little surprise from my mom and got prepared for my late noon destination : Tebing Breksi & Candi Ratu Boko! (See my hotel review here : [REVIEW] MARRIOTT HOTEL YOGYAKARTA)

Tebing Breksi is located in Jalan Desa Lengkong, Desa Sambirejo - around Prambanan area. It used to be a natural stone quarry which turned into a tourism destination. So basically it's an open space area which is really recommended for you to visit since the pandemic is still on going. And yes, as expected, this place was not crowded at all. I arrived at Tebing Breksi around 3.30 pm, and it only took like around 1 hour to go around to take some pictures. It's more than enough.

Next destination was Candi Ratu Boko! It only took like around 10-15 minutes from Tebing Breksi to Candi Ratu Boko (It depends on your driving skill because the road is a little bit steep). I arrived at 5pm there and I only got 30 minutes to explore because unfortunately it's closed at 5.30 pm. But it's okay, because 30 minutes was enough to explore this place.

Candi Ratu Boko is definitely one of my sunset favorite spots in Jogja. Been here like 4-5x in my life, and I still fall in love with this place in every way. Especially at this time. I don't say this pandemic brings a joy in this place, I know it has been a very big hit for the workers here since they got only few visitors per day. But I really enjoyed the serenity here since it's less crowded.. The smell of peace, rain (yes because it was about to rain at that time) and sunset are just the best.

To end the day and of course to celebrate my mom's birthday, I chose a very special place for dinner. It's Abhayagiri. Located near to Candi Ratuboko, this place is really amazing. If your are coming around Prambanan area, I really recommend you to have a dinner here. It's a bit pricey (for Jogja) but hey, where else in Jogja you can watch sunset while enjoying your amazing dinner at the same time?  The foods were amazing tho. So you have to visit here, no doubt.

Foods here are mostly influenced by Indonesian foods. There are some Western food on the menu, but I bet its specialty is the Indonesian one. So I ordered Bebek Kebuli and yes it's so tasty guys! I really recommend you to order this menu.

To be continued to the next day, Day 2 in Jogja! I'll share my story, one day trip to Kulon Progo. Stay tune on my blog :) Ps : Don't forget to reserve your table in Abhayagiri before visiting the restaurant!

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